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Attached to Project: Codinion
Opened by Reihard L - 12.10.2017

FS#113 - Enable to use current source control branch-name as tag for badges and jumplist entries

I'd like to be able to use the current git branch name to include in badges and jumplist entries.

Martin Topfstedt commented on 15.10.2017 07:29


Could you explain a little more how you want this?

For the Branches there is currently the option to extract the Branch Name from the Solution Path. If your branch folder structure is like:




You can use a Regular Expression like this: [a-zA-Z]:\\.*\\(?<branchName>.*)\\(.*?)\\(.*)\.sln

Than you can use "branchName" to be shown on the Banner ind one of the 4 Text Fields.


Reihard L commented on 16.10.2017 05:49


I would like to get the git branch name and not the project name (although, that is also an information I want to get), which doesn’t reflect on the windows filesystem.

If you do a “git checkout myBranchName”, I want to be able to get “myBranchName” as <branchName> in addition to being able to get parts of the filepath of the solution and put it on the jumplist as well as banners.

Have a look at the following extension:  -- here you can use [gitBranchName] for example.



Martin Topfstedt commented on 16.10.2017 07:59


ok i didn't worked with git before. Thanks for the example Extension i will have a look how to extract that information and add it.

For the JumpList i don't actually have a idea how you want this? The JumpList is global and not dependant on any opened solution/branch. Could you give me an example how it should behavE?


Reihard L commented on 16.10.2017 08:12

Hi Marin!

On the jumplist, I would like to see the "Solution Name", the "RepoName" (part of the filepath) and the gitBranchName (although, in the meantime, this could have changed but, I would like to see on a glance which solution, on wich repo (I have a few to work in parallel) and on which gitBranch I was working on.

Attached is a mockup how I would like to see the jumplist

Martin Topfstedt commented on 16.10.2017 08:21

Ok, we talking about the recent entries. There i only have the file path, could you give me some example how such a file path could look like?

Or what would help as well is an open source project which has branches which i could use for testing.

Reihard L commented on 16.10.2017 08:29


C:\xy\REPOS\REPO1\source\CustomerSolutions\customer_A\solution_A.sln <on gitBranch_1>

C:\xy\REPOS\REPO2\source\CustomerSolutions\customer_B\solution_B.sln <on gitBranch_2>

C:\xy\REPOS\REPO2\source\library\reporting\some_reporting_solution.sln   <on gitBranch_2>

C:\xy\REPOS\REPO3\source\CustomerSolutions\customer_B\solution_B.sln <on gitBranch_3>


and for those i want to see on the jump list:


solution_A | REPO1 | <on gitBranch_1>

solution_B | REPO2 | <on gitBranch_2>

some_reporting_solution_A | REPO2 | <on gitBranch_1>

solution_B | REPO3 | <on gitBranch_3>

Martin Topfstedt commented on 16.10.2017 09:04

Ok, understand. REPOX should already be possibile with regex, but i guess the git branch names are not part of the path.

Regex: "[a-zA-Z]:\\.*\\REPOS\\(?<repoName>.*?)\\(.*)\\(?<typeName>.*?)\\(?<solutionName>.*?)\.sln"

Format: "{solutionName} | {repoName} | {typeName}"

I will investigate if it's possible to get the git branch name from a path.

Reihard L commented on 16.10.2017 09:12

eg., with  you could do: 

NGit.Storage.File.FileRepository dir = new NGit.Storage.File.FileRepository("git dir");

or you could ask git on command line:

git.exe rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
Martin Topfstedt commented on 16.10.2017 09:25

cool thanks. that should make it easier :)


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