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Attached to Project: Codinion
Opened by Christoph - 05.04.2018

FS#118 - Extreme delay on solution open and high memory usage

I have VS 2017 and a solution here where Codinion is basically unusable. Loading the solution already takes several minutes instead of seconds if Codinion is enabled (even if all Codinion features are disabled).

In the log is nothing special:

[2018.04.05 13:52:27] [Info]  Codinion ( started.  
[2018.04.05 13:52:27] [Info]  Codinion is up to date. []  

and in the debug-log:

[2018.04.05 13:53:15] [Debug] [Codinion.SyntaxHighlighting.SyntaxHighlightingManager.RegisterClassifier] E:\...\x.cs  
[2018.04.05 13:53:15] [Debug] [Codinion.SyntaxHighlighting.Classifier.CSharp.CSharpClassifierBase.Init] x.cs  
[2018.04.05 13:53:17] [Debug] [Codinion.VisualStudioManagement.TextView.TextViewManager.AddView] Added View:E:\...\x.cs  

If I then enable Enhanced Syntax Highlighting the memory-usage jumps from ~1GB to 2.5GB and VS crashes regularly with out-of-memory exceptions.

The solution has 25 project and a few hundred files and 53k LoC (yes, I need all of them in the solution ;-P) which shouldn't be a problem or cause such high memory usage.

I do NOT have such big problems with some other solutions of equal size.
Why can one solution create such trobles and how can I find out whats causing this and avoid it?

regards & tahnks for your gread work

P.S.: Aside from some minor extensions which should not cause interferences I have the following running: Productivity Power Tools, WebEssentials and ReSharper.


Martin Topfstedt commented on 07.04.2018 18:08


thanks for reporting this. Can you explain a little more what projects are in the solution?

I will provide a trace version which will create a trace log file and hopefully we can find out what the problem is.

Christoph commented on 09.04.2018 06:58


thanks for your reply. I'm not aware of anything special in my solution. Its a WPF application with several plugins and shared libraries and unit-tests.

I'm happy to run a trace-version to track the problem down. I could improve the memory-usega by unloading all unit-test project as long as I "create new code" and only load them to run the tests. But the "load delay" is still annoying, as it takes ~5 Minutes to open a solution.

I can't tell you when this started exactly, but it definitely wasn't there a few minor VS versions ago (I always keep Vs up to date, so I already installed a few new versions this year)... 

Martin Topfstedt commented on 10.04.2018 17:49

Ok, thanks i will try to create the trace version and upload it here if it is finished.

Martin Topfstedt commented on 12.04.2018 19:41


could you install this version and enable the trace setting insdie the options and send me the trace log file?

Christoph commented on 13.04.2018 07:14

Hm, ok. Good and bad news.

With the trace version the delay when loading a solution is gone, but the highlighting colors problem is back (default colors are used and I need to re-set all my custom colors).

Also the memory usage is still very high - ~2.4 GB for my solution (and it does not go down anymore if I disable syntax highlighting).

If I should still send you debug/trace logs please give me some alternative way (e-mail, FTP, ...) as they contain confidential company data I can't simply attach here.

If you like we could also make an appointment for a remote session (e.g. TeamViewer) if you would like to look into my situation directly.

Thanks for your efforts!

Christoph commented on 13.04.2018 09:49

...also the highlighting is lost on all changed text. If highlighting is re-enabled it works fine, but as soon as I change some code it is not highlighted anymore (see attachment - there I changed the content of the method).


Martin Topfstedt commented on 13.04.2018 11:25


Ok, i guess i need to merge Release into Beta :D to fix the highlighting problem.

you can send the logs to if this works for you, otherwise i can provide you an ftp upload.

Thanks for suggesting the Teamviewer session, i will get back at you if needed.

Best Regards,


Martin Topfstedt commented on 14.04.2018 12:03



i attached a new version which contains the bug fixes for the syntax highlighting. I couldn't reproduce the highlighting problem when chaning code.

Christoph commented on 18.04.2018 14:05

I'm now using this version since Monday and it is looking good. Memory-usage is still pretty high (>1 GB) and some unresponsivenes for a few seconds from time to time, but thats something not uncommon to my VS (also happens with ReSharper or PPT from time to time)...

No "5 Minute delays" with this version :-).

Martin Topfstedt commented on 19.04.2018 19:42

Ok, good to hear, i will do a little more performance optimizations and after that release a new beta and go on to the memory optimizations :)

Christoph commented on 20.04.2018 05:46

Great to here - you may can post a short note here when you release the beta and I will try it out then immediately.


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