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Attached to Project: Codinion
Opened by Steve Owens - 08.05.2018
Last edited by Martin Topfstedt - 09.05.2018

FS#123 - Switching back to VS2015, Syntax Highlighting is GONE!

Just purchased a license and have a very unfortunate problem.  Have been using VS2017 and Codinion happily.  Was forced to switch back to VS2015, and now Codinion's highlighting, even in its own configuration dialogs, is kaput.  Uninstalled and reinstalled, no help.

Have attached a couple of screenshots and Codinion logs.  The only VS activity logs are a year old, so they are not included.


Closed by  Martin Topfstedt
09.05.2018 06:17
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Martin Topfstedt commented on 08.05.2018 15:28


Could you attach your "Theme.xml" from the "%appData%\Codinion\Themes" directory?

Best regards


Martin Topfstedt commented on 08.05.2018 15:52


I testet it in VS 2015 and it worked for me.

  1. Could you explain the Problem on the screenshots?
  2. Does the Solution File Navigator contains any files?
  3. Is the "Navigation Bar"  (under Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> All Languages -> General) activated? If yes does it show the correct project name?

Best regards,


Steve Owens commented on 08.05.2018 18:18

Martin, thanks for replying.  First, it goes without saying that "it works on your machine".  Telling the user that is not very helpful.  Given this is a commercial product, we assume you have actually tested your code under the supported environments before releasing it.

My memory was that the configuration items had colors on the buttons that changed when the feature was enabled/disabled.  The config screenshot was supposed to illustrate that there are no colors of any kind on the toggle switch buttons.  If there are not supposed to be any colors, then my memory is faulty.

#2 - Yes, there are files in Solution File Navigator.  And in Solution Explorer.  And open in the editor.

After a LOT of fiddling, re-downloading, re-installing, reconfiguring, and switching off other entensions, I got highlighting working again.  I believe the final act was to disable and reenable the global setting Enhanced Syntax Highlighting.  HOWEVER, THIS ONLY WORKED ON ONE SMALL TEST PROJECT!  When I loaded up the production solution, the Method highlighting still did not show up.

Then I thought about #3.  The Navigation Bar is something I never use, but it is turned on.  So I looked and it said 'Miscellaneous Files' instead of the actual project name the files were under!  This could have been due to a drag-and-drop attempt to refactor from one project to another that was later undone.  Even though the files were included in the correct place in the .csproj, and everything built correctly, they were apparently not recognized as belonging to the project by the IDE.

When I opened another file that WAS under the project name, the syntax highlighting worked correctly.  Once I Excluded then re-Added the two files to the project, they too showed the correct syntax highlighting.

So the bottom line is that this is not so much an issue with Codinion but with the .sln file.  I'm guessing that your Enhanced Syntax Highlighting relies on the Roslyn tree related to the entire project and that any file not part of a project will not receive special treatment.  (I did not think this was an issue initially, because Supercharger's highlighting still worked on those rogue files.)

Thanks for your suggestions!

Martin Topfstedt commented on 09.05.2018 06:17


I'm glad the problem could be solved and thanks for your advice. :)

Your memory works correctly except what you remmebered is the example on the website, Codinion itself never had that feature.

Best regards,




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