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 63 NavigationFeature Request1.0.0.1917Very Low Camel Case Searching Closed
100% Task Description

Implement Camel Case Searching for both the Navigation and Symbols


File Name                      Text used to find file

ThisIsAFileName.txt       tiafn, thisiafn, tiafile.txt,thfilname etc...

Folder\FileName.txt         f\fnt, fold\fntxt, etc...


Essentially i have been looking for free tools to replace Resharper.  I think one of the more useful features of ReSharper is the ability to quickly navigate files and symbols.  Camel Case is very useful for projects with lots of Schemas and repetetive things in the name.  


Not sure how hard this would be to impliment, i would be interested to see how this functionality is implimented.

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