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116Enhanced Syntax HighlightingFeature Request1.0.0.2360MediumSupport for C++Assigned
Backlog Task Description

no task description

107Enhanced Syntax HighlightingBug Report1.0.0.4950Very LowUpgrade to VS 2017 Caused Codinion highlighting to not ...Assigned
Task Description

Recently, I upgraded to VS2017 from 2015.  I was running Codinion on 2015 and it was fully functional.  When I upgraded to VS2017 in May, Codinion loads, but no longer highlights any syntax or obeys any rules setup in it's settings page.

The version i'm using was recently updated to

I have disabled all other extensions but Microsoft ones and it still does not function.

I have included my most recent error log files, even though they seem sporadic and not daily.


Thank you so much for your time.


 94 GeneralBug Report1.0.0.4753 BetaVery High NullReferenceException in SymbolSearchbar.SymbolSearchb ...Closed1
Task Description

I tried to close a document with middle mouse click, and directly after that Visual Studio 2017 crashed.



 93 GeneralBug Report1.0.0.4595 BetaMedium Project Property changes does not get tracked Closed
Task Description

- Change condition symbols

- codinion does not get updated with the new symbols

 85 Enhanced Syntax HighlightingPlanned Feature1.0.0.2360Low Add Razor C# syntax highlighting Closed
100% Task Description

no task description

 84 NavigationFeature Request1.0.0.2360Medium Option to disable search while typing Closed
100% Task Description

For the Symbol/file search dialog provide a option to disable the searching while typeing and just search on enter or button.

 80 GeneralPlanned Feature1.0.0.2360Low Detect Visual Studio Theme Closed
100% Task Description

- detect theme changes

-  provide highlighting profiles which switch according to the VS Theme

76GeneralFeature Request1.0.0.1917MediumTheme Exchange Website AreaAssigned1
Backlog Task Description

Website area where themes can be uploaded and dowloaded.


- Ratings

- Download Counter

- Search


 74 NavigationBug Report1.0.0.4117 BetaMedium Symbol Searchbar reapears after restart even when disab ...Closed
Task Description

- Disable the Symbol Searchbar

- restart VS

- Symbol Searchbar is there again

66Enhanced Syntax HighlightingBug Report1.0.0.3967 BetaMediumVS 2015: Refactoring -> highlighting is not removed whi...Assigned1
0% Task Description

Use the normal refactoring of Visual Studio 2015, it highlights the whole background of the word. Codinions highlighting is not removed so it gets really hard to read.

61NavigationPlanned Feature1.0.0.1917Very LowSymbolSearchbar: Add option to show inherrited function...Assigned
0% Task Description

- Add an option to show inherited functions with the ability to jump at that class.

- Show functions from other partial class files

54GeneralBug Report1.0.0.1917Very LowDisabled Visual Studio Navigation BarAssigned
Task Description

if the bar is disabled the syntax highlighting and the symbol search bar can't find out which project the file is shown from.

53GeneralPlanned Feature1.0.0.1917Very LowResource Manager (Localization)Assigned
Backlog Task Description

Create resource manager for multiple languages

- creation of new tags from right click menu (string or not defined property of resource class)
- show all translations side by side (tool window)

- tree view -> split tags with separator

- show unused tags

 35 NavigationFeature Request1.0.0.2360Very Low SolutionFileNavigator improvements Closed
Task Description

- dont delete last search text-> select complete search text on next open
- search history
- select and open multiple entries (STRG-Click or Shift-Up/Shift-Down)

 19 Enhanced Syntax HighlightingPlanned Feature1.0.0.1519Low Port to Roslyn Closed
Backlog Task Description

Port to Roslyn

 3 GeneralBug Report1.0.0.1392Very Low Exception Closed
Task Description

System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resource)
at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)
at EnhancedSyntaxColoring.Application.<>c__DisplayClass1.<RegisterClassifier>b__0()
at Shared.ExtensionMethods.ReaderWriterLockSlimExtensions.TryEnterWriteLock(ReaderWriterLockSlim _lock, Int32 _millisecondsTimeout, Action _lockCallback, Action _errorCallback)
at EnhancedSyntaxColoring.Application.RegisterClassifier(String _file, CSharpClassifierBase _classifier)
at EnhancedSyntaxColoring.CSharp.CSharpClassifierBase.Init()
at EnhancedSyntaxColoring.CSharp.CSharpClassifier.Init()
at EnhancedSyntaxColoring.CSharp.CSharpClassifier..ctor(IClassificationTypeRegistryService classificationRegistry, ITextBuffer buffer)
at EnhancedSyntaxColoring.CSharp.CSharpClassifierProvider.<>c__DisplayClass1.<GetClassifier>b__0()
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Utilities.PropertyCollection.GetOrCreateSingletonProperty[T](Object key, Func`1 creator)
at EnhancedSyntaxColoring.CSharp.CSharpClassifierProvider.GetClassifier(ITextBuffer buffer)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Classification.Implementation.ClassifierTaggerProvider.<>c__DisplayClass1`1.<CreateTagger>b__0(IClassifierProvider provider)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Utilities.GuardedOperations.InvokeMatchingFactories[TExtensionInstance,TExtensionFactory,TMetadataView](IEnumerable`1 lazyFactories, Func`2 getter, IContentType dataContentType, Object errorSource)

 2 GeneralBug Report1.0.0.1439Low Shortcut for opening SymbolSearchBar doesn't work anymo ...Closed1
Task Description

alt-M does not work anymore.

 1 GeneralBug Report1.0.0.1392Very Low Codinion doesn't work with windows high contrast theme. Closed
Task Description

- Select the high contrast theme in windows.
- start visual studio
- syntax highlighting does not work
- open the options dialog, it is not readable -> text is black

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