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 89 Enhanced Syntax HighlightingBug Report1.0.0.4595 BetaHigh Codinion is enabled, but there is no syntax highlightin ...Closed
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Hi, just downloaded the Codinion beta with VS 2017 RC support. I do NOT have "Lightweight Solution Load" checked. In the Codinion options, Enhanced Syntax Highlighting is enabled. For C#, I have Method, Method Parameter, and Primitive Type enabled with various colors. I am not seeing any color changes in my files. This is a Unity 5.5p4 C# project.

There is no ActivityLog.xml that I can find in the %appdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\15.0_653bb3c8 folder.

A sidenote: just wanted to say thank you for your extension. It was working beautifully in VS 2015.


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