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121GeneralBug Report1.0.0.4250Very LowMy Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 crashes if codinion ex...Assigned
Task Description

I got my VS crashing (Application event logger is reporting devenv.exe crash because of clr.dll stackoverflow) when I open any solution since 11th of Apr 2018. Before this date it was all Ok and I really like extension! After two days of investigation and even reinstall of VS and Windows 10 I found that problem is caused by Codinion extension. It was probably updated on 11th of Apr 2018. Current codinion version is v1.0.1.30

If I disable Codinion then VS opens solutions and I can work fine but if I enable it VS crashes just if I try to open any solution.

Please find attached codinion log files. No "ActivityLog.xml" for VS is available as this is fresh VS installation and I guess no logs are collected by VS. It all loks as pure codinion issue :(

I guess all problem caused by missing assembly. see next log lines

[2018.04.14 09:11:07] [Error] [Codinion.CodinionPackage.OnPackageStartup] System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
File name: 'netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51'

But where I can ge it? Or how can I fix this issue...

120GeneralFeature Request1.0.0.2360Very LowHighlighting - Syntax coloring for bool operationsAssigned
Task Description

I would like boolean operations to have sytax coloring options, mainly true and false comparisions but everything is fair game:

Not Condition

Comparision to non reserved word




Comparision to reserved word

== false

== true

!= false

!= true

118GeneralBug Report1.0.0.4989Very LowExtreme delay on solution open and high memory usageAssigned
Task Description

I have VS 2017 and a solution here where Codinion is basically unusable. Loading the solution already takes several minutes instead of seconds if Codinion is enabled (even if all Codinion features are disabled).

In the log is nothing special:

[2018.04.05 13:52:27] [Info]  Codinion ( started.  
[2018.04.05 13:52:27] [Info]  Codinion is up to date. []  

and in the debug-log:

[2018.04.05 13:53:15] [Debug] [Codinion.SyntaxHighlighting.SyntaxHighlightingManager.RegisterClassifier] E:\...\x.cs  
[2018.04.05 13:53:15] [Debug] [Codinion.SyntaxHighlighting.Classifier.CSharp.CSharpClassifierBase.Init] x.cs  
[2018.04.05 13:53:17] [Debug] [Codinion.VisualStudioManagement.TextView.TextViewManager.AddView] Added View:E:\...\x.cs  

If I then enable Enhanced Syntax Highlighting the memory-usage jumps from ~1GB to 2.5GB and VS crashes regularly with out-of-memory exceptions.

The solution has 25 project and a few hundred files and 53k LoC (yes, I need all of them in the solution ;-P) which shouldn't be a problem or cause such high memory usage.

I do NOT have such big problems with some other solutions of equal size.
Why can one solution create such trobles and how can I find out whats causing this and avoid it?

regards & tahnks for your gread work

P.S.: Aside from some minor extensions which should not cause interferences I have the following running: Productivity Power Tools, WebEssentials and ReSharper.


116Enhanced Syntax HighlightingFeature Request1.0.0.2360MediumSupport for C++Assigned
Backlog Task Description

no task description

113GeneralFeature Request1.0.0.4982Very LowEnable to use current source control branch-name as tag...Assigned
0% Task Description

I'd like to be able to use the current git branch name to include in badges and jumplist entries.

109GeneralBug Report1.0.0.2360Very LowPerformance warning from VS 15.3Assigned
0% Task Description

I'd updated the VS 2017 to the latest release.

It warned me that Codinion was slowing down the startup of the  VS  IDE by about 7 seconds and adviced me to disable it.

Obviously that was not my option.

Could you please help address this issue and make Codinion start up a little bit faster?

107Enhanced Syntax HighlightingBug Report1.0.0.4950Very LowUpgrade to VS 2017 Caused Codinion highlighting to not ...Assigned
Task Description

Recently, I upgraded to VS2017 from 2015.  I was running Codinion on 2015 and it was fully functional.  When I upgraded to VS2017 in May, Codinion loads, but no longer highlights any syntax or obeys any rules setup in it's settings page.

The version i'm using was recently updated to

I have disabled all other extensions but Microsoft ones and it still does not function.

I have included my most recent error log files, even though they seem sporadic and not daily.


Thank you so much for your time.


97GeneralFeature Request1.0.0.4810Very LowSolution item highlighterAssigned
Backlog Task Description

Is it possible to develop a function to allow the user automatically/manually highlight selected items in the Solution Explorer to various styles? Here are some of my ideas:

Manual mode: For instances, I will select some code files which I consider them most important and highlight them bold, and some files I don't care too much can be colored to gray.

Automatic mode:

  1. Code files which contain unsafe classes will have special badges.
  2. Code file items which contain class, interface, enum or struct definition will be colored to their corresponding color as the Enhanced Syntax Highlighting.
  3. Code file items with mixed types defined will be rendered with multiple colors like the raibow.
  4. Code files with contains members referenced from many places out side of those code files will be rendered bold.
96Enhanced Syntax HighlightingBug Report1.0.0.4810Very LowHigh Memory UsageAssigned
Task Description

The syntax highlighting currently comes at a cost of high memory usage. I've got a solution with ~18 Projects and a few thousand code-files. I already deactivated every codinion feature to get the feature which consumes so much memory. As soon as the Syntax highlighting is disabled, memory usage is again normal (after restarting visual Studio).

Without syntax highlithing: ~400MB

With syntax highlithing enabled: ~1300 MB

If you deactivate syntax highligthing and activate it again (without restarting visual studio) memory usage grows to >1900 MB, so it seems there is some kind of memory leak.

Used Visual Studio 2015 with the latest updates.

76GeneralFeature Request1.0.0.1917MediumTheme Exchange Website AreaAssigned1
Backlog Task Description

Website area where themes can be uploaded and dowloaded.


- Ratings

- Download Counter

- Search


66Enhanced Syntax HighlightingBug Report1.0.0.3967 BetaMediumVS 2015: Refactoring -> highlighting is not removed whi...Assigned1
0% Task Description

Use the normal refactoring of Visual Studio 2015, it highlights the whole background of the word. Codinions highlighting is not removed so it gets really hard to read.

61NavigationPlanned Feature1.0.0.1917Very LowSymbolSearchbar: Add option to show inherrited function...Assigned
0% Task Description

- Add an option to show inherited functions with the ability to jump at that class.

- Show functions from other partial class files

54GeneralBug Report1.0.0.1917Very LowDisabled Visual Studio Navigation BarAssigned
Task Description

if the bar is disabled the syntax highlighting and the symbol search bar can't find out which project the file is shown from.

53GeneralPlanned Feature1.0.0.1917Very LowResource Manager (Localization)Assigned
Backlog Task Description

Create resource manager for multiple languages

- creation of new tags from right click menu (string or not defined property of resource class)
- show all translations side by side (tool window)

- tree view -> split tags with separator

- show unused tags

48Enhanced Syntax HighlightingFeature Request1.0.0.3618 BetaVery LowI want different color of method call and define.Assigned
Backlog Task Description

Now, Method call and define is not distinguished by color.
If can set each color, I will happy. :)

Sorry my poor english.
Thank you.

44GeneralFeature Request1.0.0.3247 BetaVery LowOverride QuickInfo and Display CustomAttributesAssigned
Backlog Task Description


Thank you very much for your all efforts in making such a great extension for Visual Studio. I now feel uncomfortable working without it for even a short moment.

I have gotten a new idea. Please see whether it is possible to implement it.

When we work with ASP.NET MVC, usually we will use some data annotations, contracts, routes and apply those policies on to the corrsponding classes, properties, methods with Attributes such as RequiredAttribute, KeyAttribute, RouteAttribute, etc.
Is it possible to override the QuickInfo (when mouse hover on the annotated element, a tooltip showing its XML documentation and its signature) and display Attributes applied to the corresponding member or type?

The effect looks like the attachment.

23Enhanced Syntax HighlightingFeature Request1.0.0.2293Very LowComment HighlightAssigned
Backlog Task Description

Is it possible to highlight some comments such as

// TODO: ....

// HACK: ....

// NOTE: ....

// + ... (display with a bigger font)
// ++ ... (display with a much bigger font)
// - ... (display with a smaller font)
// -- ... (display with a much smaller font)

20Enhanced Syntax HighlightingFeature Request1.0.0.1519Very LowSyntax Highlighting in Find Symbol ResultsAssigned
Backlog Task Description

The "Find Symbol Results" window, listing the results of the "Find All References" command, currently is colored only in one color
If possible, please add the Codinion syntax coloring there.

Bonus Challenge:
When searching for a property or variable, add different highlighting for reading and writing access.
Attempt at an example:

---Find Symbol Results---
C:\project\ThingProgram\src\Main.cs - (123, 32): ~PropertyName~ = ImportantFunction(otherVariable, someMoreStuff, :PropertyName:);
C:\project\ThingProgram\src\Util\Helper.cs - (251, 16): localVar = SomeFunction(otherVar) + :PropertyName:
Here we searched for all uses of PropertyName, ~~ marks writing access, :: marks reading access (only using colors or whatever, of course). You get the idea :)

17Enhanced Syntax HighlightingPlanned Feature1.0.0.2174Very LowTwo dimensional systax highlighting configurationAssigned
Backlog Task Description

Nowadays the latest beta provides normal syntax category like "class", "struct" and decorators category like "declaration", "private", etc.

Is it possible to support a "two-dimensional" syntax configuration:

1, Configurations are presented as a list.
2, Each item in the list looks like the following:
[decorator drop-down list] [Syntax drop-down list] [i][b][u][o][advanced]
3, Users can press an "Add" button to add more definitions, and a "Remove" button respectively removes selected definitions.
4, Definitions works from top to bottom, the upper most ones have higher precedences than the lower ones.

Clicking on those two drop-down lists of a configuration item will pull down a list of current items for normal syntax category and decorators category respectively. So it will be possible to define:

Public Methods are displayed bold.
Declaration Methods are displayed 15pt, bold, underlined.

Each of the two drop-down lists contains an "All" item, which means targeting all, for example.

All Delegates are displayed sky-blue.
Const All are displayed underlined.

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